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Corrupt police officer jailed for attempted kidnap and robbery

Crime: Attempting to kidnap and rob a bank manager.

Date of conviction: 23/10/2010

Punishment: 13 years in prison.

Case Overview

Pc Mesut Karakas (25 years of age), conspired with four other men to kidnap a Lloyds TSB manager in a plot to steal money.

However a planted bug revealed their plot and the police were able to stop the plan before it took place. Police searches uncovered four sets of false number plates, industrial gaffer tape, dust masks, a balaclava, plasti-cuffs, industrial ear protectors and the van that officers believe would have been used in the plot.

Karakas received 10 years for conspiracy to kidnap, 2 years for misconduct in a public office and 1 further year for assaul. These sentences will run consecutively.

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