Former Prime Minister - Ehud Olmert sentenced to prison for bribery

Crime: Bribery

Date of conviction: 29/12/2015

Punishment: 18 months in prison

Case Overview

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert was convicted in March 2014 of taking bribes for which he was due to serve 6 years. However the Supreme court reduced this sentence in an appeal to 18 months after overturning the main part of his conviction on bribery charges.

The case became known as the Holyland case as Ehud was one of seven other officials and business men (including one other previous major of Jerusalem) to be convicted in the case.

The Housing complex that was subsequently built rose to more than 12 times the height granted in the original permits.

Ehud Olmert served as Prime Minister of Isreal from 2006 till 2009, he continues to claim his innocence but says he can "respect the decision of the supreme court judges.

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