Ministry of Defence official Sam Natangwe Shingenge - Jailed for embezzlement

Crime: Close to N$800,000 was embezzled

Date of conviction: 16/10/2014

Punishment: 6 years in prison.

Case Overview

Sam Natangwe Shingenge worked in the Ministry’s construction and maintenance division. He admitted submitting two false invoices from electricity distributor Erongo RED to the Ministry in 2010. Cheques for amounts of N$302,598 and N$495,929 were issued and deposited in the bank account of a company with the potentially misleading name E Red Electrical and Electrical Services.

Shingenge bought a Volkswagen Golf GTI car for N$60,000 with the money from the first cheque. Shingenge was charged with three co-accused: Tobias Shaanika, Moses Vahongaifa, and Andreas Hekandjo who face a separate trial.

Shingenge was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment on the first two charges of corruptly using an office or position for gratification and corruptly using a false document. On the second set of similar charges, Shingenge was sentenced to a two-year prison term, while he was also sentenced to one year for money laundering.

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