PPP Minister Ali Nawaz Shah convicted for land fraud

Crime: Fraud

Date of conviction: 21/09/2015

Punishment: Bail at Rs500,000

Case Overview

The Sindh High Court approved bail for Ali Nawaz Shah (Pakistan People's Party provincial law-maker) who was one of two others that were sent to prison by an accountability court for his involvement in a fraud case.

The revenue fraud case consisted of around Rs5 million. After hearing his plea, the court accepted Shah and his relatives' bails on payment of Rs500,000 bail bonds each.

Syed Khadim (Shah's cousin) served as federal population minister in 1988, and Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah (Shah's nephew) were sentenced by the NAB court to four and three-year jail terms respectively.

The NAB reference filed in 2001 stated that Ali Nawaz Shah and others sold some land to the government at inflated prices and later claimed the land as their own.

Ali Nawaz, who was first elected as a member of the Sindh Assembly in 1977, also served as a federal minister for industries in 1989. He has been elected a senator and an MPA three times since then.

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