Here you will find the most recently added corruption cases.

CaseDate of convictionCountry
PPP Minister Ali Nawaz Shah convicted for land fraud21/09/2015Pakistan
Former Prime Minister - Ehud Olmert sentenced to prison for bribery29/12/2015Israel
14 Members of parliament sentenced to jail for corruption09/10/2015Vanuatu
Member of Parliament expenses scandal10/02/2011United Kingdom
Dutch company Simed International placed on a world bank blacklist after attempting to bribe world bank staff01/03/2015Netherlands
Taxi driver of Uber company gets life in prison for raping passanger03/11/2015India
American police stripped of badges for sexual misconduct from 2009 - 201401/01/2014United States
The Chairman and one director of Smith and Ouzman Ltd jailed for making corrupt payments22/12/2014United Kingdom
Corrupt police officer jailed for attempted kidnap and robbery23/10/2010United Kingdom
Ministry of Defence official Sam Natangwe Shingenge - Jailed for embezzlement16/10/2014Namibia
Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra (2001-2006) - Jailed for misuse of power21/10/2008Thailand
Head of Field Research and Technical Support for the (CPIB) - Jailed for stealing government funds20/02/2014Singapore
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (1981-2011) - Jailed for embezzlement.09/05/2015Egypt
Director and Chief Commercial Officer of SAE - Jailed for bribery.05/12/2014United Kingdom
Pakistan cricket captain Salman Butt - Jailed for match fixing.01/11/2011Pakistan


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