Corruption Watch List International was founded in 2006 and officially registered as an international organisation on the 26th of August 2009 in the Netherlands under the Dutch law.

This web site is established by Corruption Watch to serve the rights of the people of all countries, nationalities, colours, races and religions. It gives free access to billions of other people and yourself to contact Corruption Watch and report a Corruption case with proves. Corruption Watch believes that Corruption is the root cause of all evils in this world and it is high time to confront the corrupt elements in this world. Corruption Watch knows that it is a very difficult and dangerous task but nevertheless it must be done. This is the reason that in general Corruption Watch seeks the strong support of all citizens of the world and international media. But it also seeks in particular the forceful support of the brave and daring legal minds and journalists throughout the world.

We have concluded that Corruption is widespread in those countries where the legal accountability is not enforced and therefore Corruption is present at all levels. For example it is seen that a junior corrupt employee is protected by his seniors and those seniors are again protected by their seniors and so it goes on. This is the reason that a private person in such a system has a remote chance of getting justice.  It is also seen that corrupt elements have strong links with the police and justice system and in such countries innocent people are forced to take a targeted revenge or become terrorists.

We have analysed the major problems facing mankind today, such as global poverty, global warming and terrorism you will come to the conclusion that the root cause of all these problems is corrupt governments.  Therefore Corruption Watch is established to give your pain and suffering a forceful voice and the possibility to confront the corrupt regimes, systems, organisations, elements and officials with accountability and encourage the honest elements to take strong actions against Corruption. You can report a case without identifying yourself, or leave your ID and contact details in case further info is needed by Corruption Watch. It is the policy of Corruption Watch that it DOES NOT disclose the identity of the reporting person without his or her consent. Corruption watch reserves the right to reject or process the information received through any source.

Research & Analysis Centre, Europe (RACE) has contributed to this introduction (RACE is a department of Corruption Watch List International).



Corruption Watch is also a think tank. It does research on Corruption and corrupt policies of Countries and their effects on the world. How and why Corruption takes place, and how it can be prevented or prosecuted. Corruption Watch has the experts who can advise on reorganising the Economy, Taxation system, Education system, Medical system and many other systems which are operated by the governments.



Corruption Watch is registered with the name "Corruption Watch List International" under the Dutch law in European Union.
Corruption Watch is an international organisation and it is a non-profit and also a non-governmental organisation.

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