Corruption Watch gives importance to following objectives:

  1. The objective is to monitor and register the Corruption cases which have taken place or are taking place within the government and its organisations and business companies. Also to register the names of corrupt persons, within the governments, politics, and businesses, in all countries of the world.
  2. Specially to eradicate and condemn Corruption and promote “Justice” in the wider sense of the word under the motto: "Counter Corruption because it is the root cause of all evils".
  3. The aim of Corruption Watch is the eradication of all sorts of Corruption because this is the root cause of  a.o.:

    a. Injustice

    b. Poverty

    c. Criminality

    d. Extremism

    e. Terrorism

    f. And many other evils

  4. Corruption Watch believes that by eradication of Corruption “High level of Social, Economic and Legal Justice” can be achieved especially in developing countries and worldwide.

Corruption Watch likes to achieve its objectives by:

  1. Serving as a focal point for contacts, to collect and distribute information regarding Corruption cases worldwide, by using all means, including internet.
  2. Assuring safety and protection of those organisations and persons who expose Corruption.
  3. Condemning the corrupt person(s) and asking the employer/organization to take action against him/her and terminate his/her employment and to register a case against him/her according to the law.
  4. Opposing his/her promotion, transfer to any other position especially abroad.
  5. Working towards a sharp reduction and eventually eradication of Corruption especially in developing countries by exposing the corrupt organisations and persons in the government, politics and business and bringing them to justice. 
  6. Initiating the exchange of delegations and experts between the developed and developing countries for consultations in order to eradicate Corruption. 
  7. Organising media events, symposiums, lectures and workshops, to make the information public about those organisations and persons who are damaged by corrupt civil servants, politicians or business people. 
  8. Subscribing to, becoming a member of and cooperate with any other organisation or governmental authority whose objectives are, in whole or in part, similar to those of Corruption Watch.
  9. Doing all such other things as may be necessary to achieve all or some of the objectives of Corruption Watch List International as mentioned above.

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